The Love Attraction Code Challenge

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"Calling All High Achieving, Spiritually Oriented Women Entrepreneurs"
Finally Learn The 3 Hidden Secrets To Confidently Create A New Love Reality! 

Crack The Code To Your Inner Limits, So That You Can Stop Sabotaging Your Chance To Have The Love You Deserve!

Doors Open For May 9-13th, 2022 Group!
10:00 - 10:30AM PST Daily

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Let me show you how a person Can Reset their Love attracting pattern in as little as 5 days.

Join The 5 Day Love Attraction Challenge Now, So That You Can Attract & Enjoy The Loving, Fulfilling Relationships You Long For!

  • Clear & Replace: Finally let go of  the underlying reason for "searching" . That old story that you can't "let go of". Whatever it is, and wherever you learned it from... you can get the FREEDOM to finally align with a new love attraction story that feels authentic to you. 
  • Choose & Reorient: Use one of my POWER tools to support an inner shift that allows you to connect deeply with your own SUPERPOWERS and gain traction to attract and create the Loving relationships you deserve. This one tool alone could save you years of fruitless "searching".
  • Claim & Realign: Finally learn how to be in the same High Frequency Zone as the relationships you desire, and how to fully access  your "Aligned Unique Love Attraction Code" to make this a reality. This Is A Game Changer!

What Would Enjoying Healthy, Loving Relationships Mean To You?

The Love Attraction Code Challenge

Sick of attracting the same old patterns in your relationships, over and over again? Who wouldn't be?!

The quality of our relationships mirror the deep inner places that are calling out for our attention. Ouch. If that twangs a nerve right now, there's something to understand. 

It's not too late to get really clear on how to change the relationship with YOURSELF and attract the love you deserve.

And in my 5-Day Love Attraction Code Challenge, I'll teach you how.
The Love Attraction Code Challenge

Here Is Everything That You Will Be Getting In The:


The Love Attraction Code

Daily Live Training

Streamed Directly To Our Facebook Group

( $1997 Value)

Think of each day of The Love Attraction Code Challenge kinda like a mission of discovery. Each day you will be guided to connect with an aspect of yourself that is ready to emerge and support you on your journey. This is how we will breakdown the roadmap of the attraction code process, so that you can create your unique attractor blueprint over the course of the challenge. (This allows everyone to participate fully while being guided by me each step of the way)

The Challenge Workbook

( $ 37 Value)

This 22-page downloadable workbook is designed to get you off to a smooth start and guide you through each of the daily discovery missions. It's also jam packed with power mindset hacks, motivation and helpful practices to guide you through your Love Attraction work every day of the challenge!
The Love Attraction Code Challenge
The Love Attraction Code

Live Challenge Community


( Priceless Value)

Upon joining the challenge, you will get instant access to our private Facebook group. Be inspired to receive loving support & stay on track with others in the challenge. Connect with new friends and become part of a helpful community to share your breakthroughs and Aha moments with. Get ready to grow and shift just from interacting with each other.


BONUS #1: Instant Access To Our Private Member's Area

Once you sign up and join the challenge, you will immediately get a personal login link to our private online Love Attraction Code Challenge Membership Area. Here you will find everything (such as,  your workbook, bonuses, the Facebook group login, and all the resources you will need for your upcoming challenge) in one convenient hub!

( $27 Value)

BONUS # 2: The Harmony Keys: Inner Balance Power Practices 

The Success Keys - 4 Quick And Easy Ways To Inner Balance + Harmony To Enhance Quality Of Life!
This Tool makes it easy to bring balance to your mind, emotions, vitality & energy levels , instantly set yourself up for success in your daily life, and gain instant clarity and focus to reach your goals faster than you ever dreamed possible.

( $197 Value)

BONUS #3: *Surprise Raffle*
(Goddess Swag Bag)

Challengers who show up live, complete their discovery mission and share each day in our Facebook group will be eligible for entry in a LIVE DRAWING at the end of the challenge. One lucky "Goddess" will receive my grand prize of a collection of my Sacred Alchemy Light Creations products and a personal Soul Archetype Transmission delivered through recording & PDF

( $333 Value)

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

In This 5 Day Challenge You Will Get Live-Best-In-Class Love Attraction Training That Others Have Paid $1997.00 For Just $7, Starting On May 9th, 2022

Get Registered Today While You Still Can!

 Meet Your Host:

Li-Sann Mullings RN

The Love Attraction Code

Hello Beautiful Being,
 I'm Li-Sann and I've proven that breaking through inner limits & becoming an Aligned Love Attractor is the lasting solution to attracting Love & Abundance in every area of life, and that The biggest payoff Is Reclaiming Your Limitless Self!

I'm on a mission to empower women like you to Awaken your Inner Goddess, Unleash the Love that is your true essence and have that Love reflected back to you in all of your relationships... No matter the state of your relationships right now. 

My goal is to save 10 million women from the pain of searching for love outside of herself, and feeling broken when relationships end, and I won't stop until I do!

If you're new to me, I'm a Registered Nurse, Spiritual Teacher, Manifestation Coach, Shaman, Intuitive Energy Healer, Multidimensional Channel & Light Alchemist who've had the honor of supporting women from all over the world break free from deeply embedded inner limits, deepen self love, confidently attract abundance in every area of their lives, and live in authenticity & freedom!

I have curated the essential ingredients from my own journey, extensive training, and work with hundreds of clients into a Unique Signature System - The Love Attraction Code, that I now use to support women to manifest their deepest desires, increase their impact in the world, and fulfill their highest calling. 


Is this for Me?

 Whether you're at the end of your rope and need to turn things around fast OR

...Maybe you're burnt out from the search for love and is ready for a new solution OR

.... Seeking clarity to breakthrough inner limits so that you can attract the Love you long for OR

....Ready to find the missing puzzle piece that keeps you repeating the same patterns in relationships OR

...Heading for divorce and want to gain the inner resources that will allow for an easier transition OR

.... You're in a great marriage, but you'd like tools to deepen your connection, and make it rock solid OR

...You're not yet in a relationship, but you want the tools to attract the one that is right for you.

Regardless of what phase of relationship you're in the 5 Day Love Attraction Code Challenge is for you.

...And this event is just for YOU, This is not about dating skills! I don't teach you how to "search" for love, because that doesn't work! 

Join me for the most empowering 5 days you ever invested in yourself. You'll discover the roadmap to healthy, loving relationships. Because it's time to start showing up as the Queen that you are (and get the outcomes you really deserve)!

 What Does 5 Days Of Love Attraction Code Training With Li-Sann Mullings Look Like?

DAY 1 - How To Claim A New Love Attraction Identity!

   The 4 Stage Love Attractor Identity Shift! ($397 Value)

This training is all about how to shift your love attraction identity pattern, So That you can avoid, having to spend several more years being stuck in painful love and relationships patterns,  instead of having the deeply fulfilling Love Outcomes That You Desire!
The Love Attraction Code
The Love Attraction Code Challenge

DAY 2 - How To Move From Fear To Possibilities For Good!

The "Core 8" Inner Driving Force To Love Attraction ! ($397 Value)

Learn how to access and harness your Core Power for a  paradigm shift that opens up new possibilities and allow you to easily chart the most fruitful, and attractive course for your journey, So That you can have Love reflected back to you in all of your Relationships.

DAY 3 - How To Align With A New Love Reality!

The 6 Fold Inner Limits Creation Cascade! ($397 Value)

Today you'll gain deeper clarity & awareness about the inner limits that despite your best efforts has sabotaged your success in love, So That you can connect with a new vision, and begin to lay the aligned pathway from where you are to where you'd like to be instead, and the steps that will get You There. 
The Love Attraction Code
The Love Attraction Code

DAY 4 - How To Crack The Code To Your Inner Love Limits!

The Love Attraction Code Blueprint! ($397 Value)

Today you will understand the 4 essential components of your unique Love Attraction Code Blueprint, and the power of that code to cast a magnetic attractor field, So That you're in the current of flow within, have full access to your manifesting powers, and can quickly experience the Love & Fulfilling Relationships You Deserve.

DAY 5 - How To "Hack The Field" & Manifest Like A Pro!

 "The Secret Key"  - Unlock Your Love Attraction Force ($397 Value)

Today you will learn about the ultimate short cut, "the secret key" that unlocks and reveal the hidden secret to your lost love attraction superpowers, So That you can fully reclaim yourself as Love, and Activate Within You The Most Powerful Attraction Force Ever Known!
The Love Attraction Code
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Are You Ready?

Here's Everything You'll Get:

The Love Attraction Code
  • How To "Hack The Field" And Manifest Like A  Pro                                      ($397 Value)
  • ​ The Challenge Workbook  ($97 Value)
  • ​ Breaking Free From "The Limited Self"           Training                              ($397 Value)
  • ​  Live Challenge Community ( Priceless)          

Snag over $2676 in value....
.....for just US$27


$2554 ONLY $7


What Others Are Saying

The Love Attraction Code
The Love Attraction Code

And in case you need an extra (loving) push to believe in's our 10X guarantee:

We 100% guarantee that you will love this Virtual Challenge.

If after the end of Day 1 participation you feel like you haven't gotten at least 20X the value of your investment ($140 in clarity, inner shift, and expansion resources), we will happily refund your investment in full. All you have to do is email us by 8:59am Pacific Time on Day 2 for a full refund.

Sound Fair?

Have a burning question?
Here's what's come up for

Where Is This Event Happening?

The virtual event will be streamed into our private Facebook Community Live each day.

Who Is This Virtual Event For?

It is for the spiritually oriented woman entrepreneur who is ready to break through her inner limits, and attract healthy, fulfilling love. As entrepreneurs we are building and scaling our businesses, so we don't have time to be messing around with the same strategies that's not producing results. 

What Will I Learn?

You will learn the exact roadmap I have spent over 25 years refining and that I use with my clients that allows them to easily attract healthy love &  create abundant, fulfilling lives.

When Is The Virtual Event

The virtual event will run Monday, March 7 - 11th, from 10am - 10:45am PST each day.

What If I Have No Idea What My Inner Limits Are?

That is completely okay. You will gain massive clarity on what they are, their underlying cause, and how they impact our decisions, behaviors, outcomes and success in life. You will also learn how to breakthrough them once and for all, so that you can Attract Love & Abundance in every area of your life.

What If I Can't Make It Live?

For this event we will be working in real time to create breakthrough, wins and momentum. Training replays are only available (for 14 days) if you're joining us in The VIP Alchemy Suite Experience. Please plan to gift this transformative time to yourself. Your Time Is Now!

Why Is It So Cheap To Join?

You're right ...maybe I should increase the price? Just kidding! But in all seriousness, I believe the information in this challenge should be made available to everyone who is ready now, which is why the ticket price is so affordable. With that being said, I can't promise that the price or format will remain the same, so I highly recommend that you take advantage of it while you can.
The Love Attraction Code
The Love Attraction Code
The Love Attraction Code
The Love Attraction Code

If you’ve made it here…
then it's time to decide, friend.

Here's the truth: nothing changes if nothing changes.

If you're sick and tired of trying and not getting results....

If you've ever thought "I thought I'd have a loving, fulfilling relationship by now...."

If you're so OVER doing all the usual "temporary fixes"methods swirling around online and just want someone to laser in with clear precision on the "deeper issue" and guide you on what's needed to breakthrough that once and for all...

Then straight up? You're falling behind if you're not in The Love Attraction Code Challenge.

Because staying in"search" mode or worse yet giving up on your heart's desire is a surefire way to stay stuck and frustrated. And you deserve better than that. in?
The Love Attraction Code
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